Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy

Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy has implemented the complete solution of Applirent Oy’s rental system

Applirent Oy has delivered a comprehensive rental system solution for the use of Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy during the spring of 2020. Production of the system has started in June 2020.

“We are pleased to announce that Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy has adopted Applirent’s total solution for the growing environment of the rental business. The complete rental system solution implemented by Applirent Oy is integrated into Wentti Vuokrapalvelun Oy’s Finago Procountor financial system. Applirent’s rental mobile, in turn, provides a flexible way to manage rental equipment and leases. The rental mobile can handle all operational work in everyday life. Wentti has monitoring equipment in its fleet. The data is transmitted directly to Applirent’s systems, from map location to telematics data. We have brought an easy-to-use and clear solution for use in Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy’s rental business. Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy uses Applirent’s solution directly as a cloud service, comments Tuomas Niemi of Applirent Oy. ”

Tuomas Niemi / CEO / Applirent Oy

“In 2019, Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy started renting construction machinery and equipment. Our range includes excavators, loaders, telehandlers, soil compactors and many other products needed in civil engineering, such as vibratory plates, fences, driveways. In addition to high-quality machines, we want to provide our customers with expert and flexible service. That’s why we wanted to ensure reliable fleet management. For this need, Applirent Oy offered a reliable product and years of experience as a system supplier. With the Applirent cloud service, we can confidently strengthen our equipment selection, says Jarno Aronen from Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy ”

Jarno Aronen / Service Manager/ Wentti Vuokrapalvelu Oy

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