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Applirent Oy’s machine rental system “Applirent TK” has been in use at Vatupassi Törmälä Oy for many years as an ERP system for the rental business. Applirent has implemented a mobile solution for Vatupass customers to monitor rentals. The Vatupassi mobile app is available for download for Android devices directly from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices directly from the App Store with the keyword “Machine Rental Vatupassi”. Rentals can also be tracked directly from the browser. The service can be accessed directly from Vatupassi’s website
The customer can track the rented equipment by construction site, both place equipment orders and return orders. In addition, the customer can easily browse the rental company’s equipment. Orders and return orders are transmitted directly to the Applirent TK ERP system.

“We are very satisfied with the solution we have implemented for the use of Vatupassi Törmälä Oy’s customers. We want to offer our customers more comprehensive solutions that integrate with our ERP system. As a system supplier, we want to be at the forefront of development. We are grateful for Vatupassi Törmälä Oy’s investment in the project. Cooperation could not be easier ”

Tuomas Niemi / CEO / Applirent Oy

“We at Vatupassi have a great deal of will to grow and develop, so we are pleased to have found Applirent as our partner, who is ready and willing to develop their software. Applirent operates in a customer-oriented manner. The ideas and development ideas that came from us have always been seized. Such big projects always take time and in practice we learn a lot about what ultimately works and what doesn’t. With Applirent’s softwares, we are able to increase the efficiency of both our own and our customers’ operations. We want to be customer-oriented and flexible ourselves, we value the same values ​​in our partners. ”

Milla Tarnanen / CEO / Vatupassi Törmälä Oy

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