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Applirent is digitizing the whole of Tekijä Group Oy’s rental business

Applirent Oy has delivered a comprehensive rental system solution for use by Tekijä Group Oy during 2020. Production of the system has started.

“At Tekijärent, we have implemented Applirent’s cloud-based rental system and mobile solutions. The systems enable flexible customer service and business development and growth. With the right system in place, everyday work is easier and more time is left to serve customers. With Applirent’s systems, Tekijärent manages all business operations related to rental, sales and services. Naturally, comprehensive invoicing features are part of the system, comments Tuomas Niemi of Applirent Oy. ”

Tuomas Niemi / CEO / Applirent Oy

“After the analysis, Tekijä Group Oy ended up choosing Applirent’s rental system to control its operations. The whole of Applirent met the needs of the Tekijä Group perfectly, so the choice was very clear in the end, comments Mikko Aaltonen. Applirent’s industry-specific system is truly versatile. Deployment has been implemented as a cloud service with desktop and mobile versions of Applirent. Together, we will continue to implement the digitalisation of the system in order to realize the full potential of the system. So far, the implementation has gone smoothly, thanks to a knowledgeable supplier. From the Tekijä Group’s point of view, Applirent is more than just a supplier. We work well in the spirit of partner. The Tekijä Group’s goal is to achieve better customer service quality, predictability, and above all profitability by utilizing the whole offered by Applirent. Applirent’s systems are integrated into the Tekijä Group’s financial management. ”

Mikko Aaltonen / Lease Deal Group CEO and Tekijä Group board member

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