Öhmanrent Oy

A forklift professional – Öhmanrent Oy chose Applirent’s Rental system.

”Öhmanrent Oy rents forklifts with professionalism and a high-quality selection of more than 200 forklifts throughout Finland. With growth, it is natural that rental system needs will increase even more. It is really important that the day-to-day work goes smoothly in the field of rental. And we have been thinking about reforming the system for some time now, says Patrik Öhman, Executive Vice President.“

”We ended up with Applirent’s system because the system features provide a good starting point for business growth now and in the future. The integration of Applirent into Procountor financial management brings even more flexibility to Öhmanrent Oy, says Patrik.“

Patrik Öhman / EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT / Öhmanrent Oy

”We have had a lot of good discussions with Patrik and Kari about the system needs of their business. We will continue to do this in the future, as the development work of the system is a joint dialogue on issues and how they are handled as flexibly as possible in the rental system with desktop or mobile, Applirent Oy’s Tuomas Niemi thinks.”

Tuomas Niemi / CEO / Applirent Oy

Öhman Trukit Oy is a 30-year-old company in the field of forklifts. The service book encompasses everything related to that word. The business has been refined from forklift truck maintenance to cover all other services related to forklifts. In 1999, Öhman Trukit acquired Lahden Trukkipalvelu Oy, which was renamed Öhmanrent in March 2021. Öhmanrent Oy handles short- and long-term forklifts rental. Öhman Trukit Oy handles the import, sale, spare parts and maintenance of forklifts.

For more information on the project, please contact:

Applirent Oy
CEO Tuomas Niemi
Tel. +358 500 892 868

Öhmanrent Oy
Executive Vice President Patrik Öhman
Tel. +358 400 494 002

Öhmanrent Oy

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