Neste Corporation

Applirent Oy’s tool monitoring solution is used in the tool warehouses of the Porvoo, Naantali and Rotterdam refineries.

“With the help of Applirent Oy’s tool tracking, all leased tools are recorded for a person or company in a contract entry. The operational tool rental process is easy. Tool rental utilizes barcodes and QR codes, which speeds up the process and reduces potential errors. With the tool tracking solution, the tools in the tool repository can be accessed electronically in “books / folders”. The tool tracking solution can also be used to manage compliant tool maintenance and calibration schedules. Neste Corporation chose Applirent Oy’s tool tracking cloud service as the easiest option to implement the solution. ”

Tuomas Niemi / CEO / Applirent Oy

“We have been using the system effortlessly for 7 years. Here at the Porvoo refinery, we handle all tool rentals and returns with the Applirent TK system. The system also handles third-party rentals and invoicing. We see real-time tools in stock and quotes / rentals from the system. The system has served us comprehensively. ”

Ingalill Hjelm / Neste Corporation

“The Applirent EMS system was introduced in Rotterdam for tool management in 2019. The system helps manage tools according to our needs. We handle all tool inventory tracking with Applirent’s EMS system. ”

Daan Pijl / Neste Corporation

Neste Corporation

Tool monitoring