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Applirent digitizes traffic control services – Kahva Oy chose Applirent’s systems as part of its growing business.

”Kahva started offering traffic control services to construction and planning offices to their customers from scratch in 2021. That’s it before, the company had worked in construction logistics for several years. The work management processes, and financial management systems had been prepared for the needs of logistics, and it soon became clear that the existing operating models and systems were not suitable for the development of the new business.

We were in contact with Applirent from Kahva in 2022, and after mutual introductions Kahva was convinced of Applirent’s suitability for Kahva’s new needs. It was decided to start the cooperation, which was started to be promoted in the summer, and the system was put into production at the end of the year. In all of them during the implementation stages, Applirent’s support and guidance was excellent, expert and at the same time relaxed. The implementation project was carried out on schedule, and as I write this, I can’t help but laugh at the extra and unnecessary amount of work left after the implementation of Applirent.

From the customers’ point of view, the system provides a transparent and credible view of the quantity, quality, status, etc. of the rental equipment, etc. Each product is clearly itemized, and the invoice shows the period for which the rental products have been invoiced. This is not a given even for all major companies in the industry today.

The system efficiently combines contract management and invoicing, and I would never go back to the old model again.” says Toni Korjus.

In addition to the digitalization of traffic services, Applirent’s system package offers contractual invoicing of rental products and services, inventory management and integration with Fennoa’s financial management. “All in all, an excellent system environment. It was very great to be able to deliver a slightly different system environment to Kahva Oy, thinks Tuomas Niemi”.

Kahva Oy offers a total solution to its customers:

”One contact and the problems with traffic services have been solved. The turnkey model literally means that you can leave the planning and implementation of traffic services in experienced and reliable hands. You will receive: Traffic management plan, Management report, Street work permit, Traffic management products, Traffic control, Construction site fences and fleet maintenance”.

Kahva Oy

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