Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy

Applirent Oy’s machine rental system “Applirent TK” has been in use at Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy for many years as an ERP system for the rental business. HRK operates with product and customer management, inventory tracking, rentals, returns, sales and the invoicing process. An ERP system is a necessary entity in business.

“We have had a long and interactive co-operation with Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy. Over the years, we have implemented many different features in the system and developed the system process more flexible direction. Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy’s company’s volumes are huge and more flexible features are required. We want to offer our ERP system even more features as well as additional integrated solutions. We are very happy and grateful for our co-operation with Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy. We will continue to implement software solutions in co-operation, which serve the industry field comprehensively ”

Tuomas Niemi / CEO / Applirent Oy

“We want to continuously develop our operations. That’s why I think it’s important for a software developer to be well acquainted with the business area in focus. The discussion is easier when we speak the same language in development projects. With Applirent, we have been able to focus on the customer experience. We believe that the service will speed up and improve access to information and order processing efficiently. It must also be said that the development projects carried out with Applirent are flexible and on schedule. ”

Sarita Huotari / CEO / Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy

Hämeen Rakennuskone Oy

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