Applirent TK

Applirent TK – comprehensive rental software for many needs

Applirent TK rental software bends to many types of rental. In addition to renting, the system can also be used to sales, transport charges and other service charges. The software is used directly as our desktop application SaaS service.

Applirent TK provides fleet management as well as tool tracking. The software features are developed over the years by Applirent. Our rental software features are comprehensive. Because your interest woke up – stay connected.

Product management

In Product Management, you can manage the products in the system. The product management of the Applirent TK software can consist rental, sales and service products. Service products consist, for example, transport charges and other service charges. In product management, you can see easily everything you want to know about products.

Customer management and CRM

In customer management, you manage both personal and corporate customers. In customer management, you can see customer-specific rentals, and in the CRM sections you can manage important customer-related contacts. If you have program offer processing, you will see the offers made to the customer. Customer History Information is part of the customer management package.

Quotation management

Quotation processing is one of the most important processes as part of Applirent’s system feature. Quotation processing provides its users with an effortless way to do quotations on their customers. Quotations can be easily copied what means quicker service. Quotation attachments for requirements of the rental industries are included automatically. You can also forward the quotation directly from the system to the customer by email. An accepted quotation is easily processed into an actual lease in the system, so the process is always uninterrupted from the quotation – delivery and return. Handy!

Booking management

Booking management is an important functionality of the rental system, where you can book products for the desired period and see the booking status clearly in the calendar view.

Contract management

In contract management, you create leases and sales. You can also do partial returns and returns of lease agreements during contract processing. You can enter one-time rent, daily rent, weekly rent, monthly rent for the lease. In addition, you can add sales, transport and other charges in the same contract.

Inventory management

Inventory management for both fixed assets and inventories can be managed in the Applirent TK system. Whether you have one or more warehouses at your disposal, you can easily see the warehouse information. You can, of course, manage inventory-related arrivals, adjustments, inventory transfers, and inventory events in the system.

Invoicing management

With the system’s comprehensive invoicing features, you can invoice individual contracts or the entire contract portfolio automatically. You can specify on a customer-by-customer basis how the different contracts are combined into a consolidated invoice. The comprehensive controllability of the Applirent TK system for different operators and banks brings flexibility in handling the invoicing process.


We have implemented integrations with other systems in many different ways. The integrations bring added value to the flexible monitoring of the business both in the rental ERP system and in the financial management.


Applirent TK system provides important business-related reports directly and integrations with various Power BI reporting tools are possible.