Applirent Vuokrausmobiili

Applirent Rental Mobile

Applirent Rental Mobile offers great features. Seamless connection to Applirent’s ERP systems “TK” and “RESO” provides ease of use. Product reading using barcode, QR code or OCR reading are available. With an easy-to-use and comprehensive mobile rental app, you can check inventory status, leases, products, product’s maintenance and more. “Push notifications” in the mobile app keep you up to date and remind you of important tasks and product maintenance. Electronic signatures in various functionalities such as leases, returns, work orders are commonplace. Applirent rental mobile is available in both Android and iOS versions.


Rentals and returns

You can search, list and create contracts on your mobile app. Of course you can make returns using your mobile app.

Product and Customer management

You can search, list and update product information on your mobile app. Product management provides a real-time map view for mobile app. You can also easily search and create customers, orderers on your mobile.

Inventory management

You can see the inventory status of product. You can make arrivals of products to the warehouse. You can make inventory or make internal inventory transfers.

Maintenance management

In maintenance management, products can be placed in the maintenance mode and maintenance events can be recorded by cost type. You can manage and record the necessary inspections, e.g. inspections, annual inspections, calibrations, etc.

Work orders

Work orders are part of mobile app features. In work order management, freely usable task types can be created, according to business needs. For example, installation work, maintenance work, etc. Work orders can be assigned to either a person or a team. The recording of work order events, photographs and billability can be handled as part of the processing of work orders.


In the mobile app CRM section, you are free to create and edit CRM events. You can also easily list events and add reminders to events. The reminder of CRM events takes place in the mobile application as push notifications to the desired users. You can also add a CRM event on your mobile app to your own office calendar.